Frequent Asked Question -

We are a DRC-based local NGO whose our beneficiaries are mainly young people.  Our vision is to build a new generation of young catalysts for peace and prosperity in the DR Congo. To move towards our vision, we carry out field activities in entrepreneurship, leadership for change, human rights and peace building.

The change happened in order to make more focused our community intervention; this shift enabled VIGLOJ to strengthen its vision  of building a new generation of young people catalysts for peace and prosperity in DR Congo.

VIGLOJ was created because there were socio-economic problems of young people and Congolese communities which needed sustainable solutions. Hence, there was a real of having youth that should be provided by well-prepared and equipped young people to work and identify the real problems that exist in their societies as well as providing lasting solutions for a stable, prosperous and emerging Congolese nation. VIGLOJ develops other concepts related to the social themes of life that can equip young people with transformational skills, such as leadership, human rights, entrepreneurship and peace.

Dunia Katembo Colomba survived the massacre of Ruthsuru during the entry of AFDL troops on this territory. Former Mai Mai militia,Dunia actively supported  demobilization and reintegration efforts through  the collaboration of other partners operating in Butembo and beyond.This background has allowed him to  work tirelessly for a Congolese young generation  who will no longer use violence as a means  of solving problems but rather, able to bring peaceful solutions to problems which are hindering the development of Congolese society at large.

Our direct beneficiaries are young people between 10 and 35 years old: they are from different spheres of Congolese society. Our indirect beneficiaries are all other members of the Congolese community who benefit from actions of young people trained, prepared and empowered by VIGLOJ for transformational impact in DR Congo.